About Us

Who We Are

Ballogy is revolutionizing the way youth and amateur athletes prepare for their sports by introducing a standardized testing and analytics software platform that sets the industry standard for collecting and tracking key performance indicators. Youth athletic programs, through professional teams, have made a commitment to data-driven excellence with Ballogy.

Why Ballogy

We are driven by the quest to be the best. Today, wearable fitness devices enable athletes to record data on almost every action they take: the number of steps taken, their water intake, the amount of calories consumed in a day, and more. But how athletes turn these performance metrics into action is what matters. Ballogy was created to enable today’s up and coming athletes to analyze their performance in specific areas and give them baselines to improve. All driven by cold hard facts, no opinions.

Our Founders

Todd L. Young

Todd L. Young

Chief Executive Officer

As a father and serial technology company entrepreneur, Todd knew creating a data-driven testing and analytics platform could dramatically improve athletic development and level the playing field for youth athletes across the globe. Todd’s 20-year experience providing executive leadership across dynamic technology companies serves as the cornerstone for the Ballogy team. Prior to Ballogy, Todd founded ProspX, a social business platform for managing the complex, multi-party sales process of the $500 billion commercial insurance industry. Todd is the co-founder of The Step Onward Foundation, a community-based organization dedicated to helping provide healthcare, education, career training, and job placement to young adults who have survived homelessness. Todd holds a Bachelor of Science from Texas Christian University. Todd is also no stranger to feats of athletic accomplishment, as he’s completed three 70.3 Ironman triathlons and is currently training for a 140.6 Ironman.

Zach Urbanus

Zach Urbanus

Chief Training Officer

Zach was born to ball at every level. Beyond being a player, his passion lies in coaching and inspiring his players to be even better every day. A four-year starter at The Citadel, where he was a two-time team captain and continues to hold school records across multiple statistics, he went on to play professionally in Denmark. Currently, Zach leads the product development as well as the training and testing curriculum for Ballogy, with today’s athletes always in mind. In addition to his work at Ballogy, Zach coaches athletes at the youth, college and professional levels through his training organization, BTY Basketball, founded in Austin, TX.

Jill Ford

Jill Ford

Chief Marketing Officer

Jill Ford has 20 years of experience building brands and demand for technology companies both large and small. In her current role, she is responsible for putting a premium Ballogy experience in the hands of athletes across the globe. As a parent to twin boys who are active in sports, she understands first-hand the world of today’s youth athletes. Prior to starting Ballogy, Jill founded and grew her own agency, Ford Marketing. Before venturing into the entrepreneurial world, Jill managed global marketing programs for ProspX and Mirage Networks, and for SupportSoft through its successful IPO. Prior to that, Jill managed global experience marketing for IBM/Tivoli. Jill has a Bachelor of Journalism from The University of Texas.


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