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Created by coaches for coaches to evaluate, manage, and track overall skill development for your team.

Ballogy Team Training

  • Capitalize on the 100+ built-in shooting and ball-handling drills backed by the NFHS.
  • Create your own workouts and custom drills and assign them to your players.
  • Automated workouts for every skill level.
  • Provide individual and team training outside of practice and during the off-season.
  • Track progress and objectively evaluate your players with the Ballogy Skills Assessment (BSA).
  • Make training fun by creating healthy competition with leaderboards.


Create a Development Plan

  • Choose from 100+ built-in drills or create your own.
  • Easily create and assign workouts to your players.
  • Track and measure player progress year-round.


Set the Standard

  • Objectively evaluate players’ shooting skills with the BSA.
  • Players record video of their BSA within the Ballogy app.
  • Ballogy coaches review, verify, and return an official score.


Level the Playing Field

The BSA is a first-of-its-kind objective shooting metric available exclusively on the Ballogy app. Each month, Ballogy takes the top performers from the BSA global leaderboard and showcases their test scores and profiles to over 1,500 NCAA, NAIA, and junior college programs that subscribe to Ballogy’s Top Performers Report.

What You Get With Ballogy For Teams:

  • Custom group(s) creation
  • Ability to record all of your players’ test submissions from a single device
  • Unlimited BSA submissions
  • Unlimited custom drills
  • Access to NHSBCA X Ballogy Training Lab curriculum
  • Access to all Ballogy in-app shooting drills
  • Team centric leaderboards
  • Increased opportunity for your players to be
    featured in the monthly BSA Top Performers Report
  • Dedicated Ballogy representative to assist with team roll-out, best practices, and ongoing support

Team Pricing

Tier 1

0-20 Players


Tier 2

21-40 Players


Tier 3

41-75 Players


Tier 1 Monthly

0-20 Players


Tier 2 Monthly

21-40 Players


Tier 3 Monthly

41-75 Players


What Coaches Are Saying

"Ballogy has given kids who don't have a skills trainer some structure and a plan to go to the gym and not waste any time. It's worth every dime and it costs a lot less than hiring another coach."
David Peavy - Boys Varsity Head Coach, Duncanville High School (TX)
"This is one of the first things to take the guesswork out of my job. It helps coaches and players, with clarity, know who is the most skilled, the best shooter, and who we need to put in certain areas."
Matt Sayman - Head Coach, Grapevine Faith (TX)
“We place a high value on skill development in our program. Ballogy is a great tool that provides our players with the opportunity to train in a relevant manner to what we do, and get great feedback on their workouts.”
Wes Watson - Head Coach, McKinney High School (TX)
“Great people leading a great program for athletes.”
Dan Taylor - Head Coach, King’s High School (WA)
“Our school chose Ballogy for two reasons. First, the connection with Gary Harris. Second, the ability to challenge our girls within their team and across the nation.”
Brian Satterfield - Head Coach, Hamilton Southeastern High School (IN)
“I started using Ballogy and purchased it after seeing it first-hand at the BCAT clinic in the spring. I love it, especially for the communication it gives me with my players.”
Cory Bransford - Head Coach, Cristiana Middle School (TN)
“I’m always looking for ways to inspire hard work and kids need to be able to work out on their own. I think this gives them a good focus on how to get better at shooting.”
Jay Thacker - Head Coach, Oroville High School (WA)
“Ballogy is a great way to organize workouts and keep accountability with players during the off-season. It also makes it competitive with the actual scores.”
Michael McBride - Head Coach, Eastern High School (IN)
“I wanted to use it to experiment tracking shooting and adding my own drills for players to use on their own and for during season also for red/green light shooting. I wanted to see if it does what I want/need while making it significantly easier for me and my staff.”
Caitlin Cote - Head Coach, G.W. Brackenridge High School (TX)
“We invested in Ballogy because we were looking for an innovative way to improve our shooting performance as a program.”
Jordan Augustine - Head Coach, Ironwood High School (AZ)

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