Elevate Your Game

Winning isn’t complicated. It just isn’t easy.

by Shawn Jones on Jun 11, 2024

I have had a saying for years with my teams… and I don’t know where I got it from to give credit to the author, or I would.  Obviously I heard it somewhere at a clinic or in a coaching conversation and stole it.  So…

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How Coaches Can Foster Independent Thinking on the Basketball Court

by Jordan Green on Jun 3, 2024

Learning how to develop players who can think independently is a game-changer. Just as in other domains, such as science or entrepreneurship, fostering a culture of innovation and critical thinking can lead to breakthroughs on the court. In this blog, we’ll explore strategies for coaches…

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Confidence Comes From Preparation

by Shawn Jones on May 28, 2024

I was in college in the Chicago Bulls’ championship era. The Unbelieva-BULLS. The Unbeata-BULLS. The Incredi-BULLS. The 72-10, two time 3 Peat Bulls.  The Jordan Rules BULLS. Those years of watching Michael Jordan made college Beara-BULL. The one thing that always amazed me about Michael…

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Unlock Championship Success with Shaka Smart

by Jordan Green on May 20, 2024

We all know that success in basketball is not just about the games won but also about the growth achieved by each player throughout a season. Developing players throughout the season is the cornerstone of building championship-caliber teams. Listen to what Coach Shaka Smart of…

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A Lesson From the Sam’s Club Lady

by Shawn Jones on May 13, 2024

We are all skeptics by nature, I suppose.  It is getting harder and harder to trust a product or service to be all that it says it is or does.  I think this is mostly because we have all been burned at one time or…

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How to Fuel Your Body for Peak Performance

by Demarcus Holland on May 6, 2024

As a former collegiate and professional basketball player, I’ve experienced firsthand the importance of nutrition for optimal performance on the court. However, like many athletes, I once fell prey to common misconceptions about eating during games and practices. I used to shy away from refueling…

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How Lubbock Cooper High School Promotes Competition and Accountability

by Jordan Green on Apr 29, 2024

The coaching staff at Lubbock Cooper High School, located in Lubbock, Texas implemented Ballogy at the beginning of the off-season last year. We have followed the varsity team’s development closely ever since and recently sat down with James Rike, an Assistant Coach at Lubbock Cooper…

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Show Them Why They Should Play You!

by Shawn Jones on Apr 22, 2024

I have a young athlete who has some great, raw abilities.  She could really shoot the ball well as a Freshman.  She had extensive back surgery as a Sophomore to correct Scoliosis and missed most of the year.  Now as a Junior she is back…

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How to Give Your Players Superpowers

by Jordan Green on Apr 16, 2024

What if you could give your players superpowers? As a coach, you can infuse your athletes with belief and confidence by being clear about their role on your team. Below are simple ways to define roles within your team so that you get the most…

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Lessons From Losing a Championship

by Shawn Jones on Apr 8, 2024

I watch championship-level competitions– the Super Bowl, the NBA Championship, NCAA Final Four– and I always think about the losing team as they interview the player or coach after the final buzzer.  I never think they are losers.  I always have a respect that they…

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