What is Ballogy?
Ballogy is a skills assessment and development platform for youth and amateur basketball players and their coaches.

What is the BSA?
The BSA is the Ballogy Skills Assessment test. It is a 40 shot shooting assessment that can be completed in just under 4 mins. 

What is Ballogy Training?
Ballogy offers drills designed to promote healthy competition, accountability, and overall skill development at any stage of a player’s basketball journey. Coaches can explore our existing in-app drills, create their own custom challenges, and assign them to their team. ​​Each month, we release new drills for 3 different skill levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced to be used as a complete exercise regimen. 

Do you provide instant feedback/scores on assessments and drills?
You will receive certified BSA scores within 24-48 hours after taking the test. Currently, we do not provide feedback in real-time but are planning to provide this service in the near future. 

How do I create a group?
After you purchase a team subscription, you will receive an email confirmation along with an access code with action steps on how to login and create a group within the Ballogy app. Click on profile > settings > click sync with access code and enter provided access code > continue. Get Started on the Ballogy App for Coaches

Can I put an unlimited number of athletes in my group?
With our pricing model, there is a limited number of athletes that are able to access your group with the provided access code. Your package purchase will determine the amount of athletes able to access your group with the same code. 

Can I remove and add players from my group?
Yes, you can remove and add players to and from your group as long as it doesn’t go over the number of seats purchased.

My BSA score was saved in drafts, what do I do?
Make sure you are connected to a strong wifi connection. Open the Ballogy app and your BSA submission should load successfully.  You will receive certified BSA scores within 24-48 hours after taking the test.

I never received my BSA Score, what do I do?
First, make sure your BSA was loaded correctly. Connect to Wifi and open the Ballogy app. If your submission was located in drafts, then once the app is open it will successfully load. If it does not work please contact our support team at [email protected]

I’m a coach/director. How do I create custom tasks?
Open the Ballogy app and select your group. Select “Create Group Training Task” and then select “Custom Task”. Next,  you will be able to add the parameters of the drill and easily assign the drill to your players.

Can I have assistant coaches assign drills and have full access to the Ballogy app?
All assistant coaches can be made as administrators. All we would need is their username upon logging in and the Ballogy staff can make assistant coaches an administrator.  Please email their username to [email protected]

Can I assign tasks to individual players?
Not yet, however you can specify who the tasks are intended for in the  description box. 

Do I need a tripod to video record?
No not necessarily you can have someone video you or use a water bottle to set up your phone to capture you performing the task. Note: For the BSA, you will need to capture the half-court.