Elevate Your Game

How to Give Your Players Superpowers

by Jordan Green on Apr 16, 2024

What if you could give your players superpowers?

As a coach, you can infuse your athletes with belief and confidence by being clear about their role on your team. Below are simple ways to define roles within your team so that you get the most out of your players.

Understand their Power: Each player has a unique strength or “power” on the court. With your help, players must recognize and embrace this. Whether it’s scoring, defense, or playmaking, understanding their role and its importance to the team is the first step in reaching their potential. 

Their Power Matters: Like the intricate parts of a high-quality watch, every player’s role is vital to the team’s success. A player’s role might be assigned or discovered through self-reflection, but once identified, it becomes a key to the team’s effectiveness. You need each member of the team to contribute their superpower to achieve consistency on the court.

Perfect their Power: Commitment to improving their unique skill set is essential. Players should focus on their strengths during the season through short deliberate efforts pre or post practice. For example, you may have a player who is not the most skilled initially, but spending 10 to 15 minutes per day on a specific shots on the court can help them make a significant improvement where you need them most. 

Unleash their Power: When the opportunity arises, players should be ready to fully utilize their skills. Success is not just about wins or losses, but about maximally applying one’s abilities when it counts. Making that message clear to your team will help them provide their superpower each time they step on the court for the greater good of the team.

Every player has a distinct role that, when executed with dedication and skill, can lead to collective success. Help your players embrace their power, refine it, and when the moment comes, unleash it to its fullest potential.