Elevate Your Game

Winning isn’t complicated. It just isn’t easy.

by Shawn Jones on Jun 11, 2024

I have had a saying for years with my teams… and I don’t know where I got it from to give credit to the author, or I would.  Obviously I heard it somewhere at a clinic or in a coaching conversation and stole it.  So while I can’t take literary ownership, I will take poetic license to use it at my disposal.

“Winning isn’t complicated; it just isn’t easy.”  

The literal truth is, winning ISN’T complicated. Identify what the other team does best, take it away; do what you do best, and maximize it, and you win.  It sounds so simple… and it is, but then again, it isn’t. Taking away a team’s strength isn’t easy. Maximizing what you do best isn’t easy. But winning, if you do both of those things, is! It is the logical result.

Apply that strategy to anything in life. Losing weight isn’t complicated; it’s just not easy. Getting out of debt isn’t complicated; it’s just not easy. Earning a promotion, raising a family… Life has every competition you can think of, and none of it is complicated; it’s just not easy.

So if it isn’t easy, how do we get to the part where success is not complicated? In sports, it is in the daily grind of skill development. Day in, day out, doing the work in the unseen hours to build a repertoire of skills and abilities that help maximize what you do best and eliminate what your opponent does best. Do the hard work now, so it isn’t complicated later.

Ballogy provides a platform where coaches and athletes can access top tier instruction from experts, assign workouts, assess workouts, and utilize motivating content and rankings to keep them focused and on track. Getting better isn’t complicated; it just isn’t easy. It takes work. However, Ballogy is here to take some of the more difficult aspects out of getting better.  Let us do the planning and organization and all you have to do is put in the work. The rest isn’t complicated.